Association of Chartered Certified System Accountants (ACCSA) Global is the home for Professional Accountants in the globe to meet on a common ground through practical oriented empowerment conferences, trainings, workshops and researches on the application of Information technology (IT) in accounting, forensics, auditing, blockchain technology/digital currencies, artificial intelligence and other emerging fields.  

ACCSA Global is registered in the United States of America and is affiliated to corporate organizations and institutions in USA, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.  

Financial services are transcending national boundaries and becoming global. Professionals require training to universal educational levels; utilize even more harmonized accounting and business standards, prepare financial reports and take decisions via technological tools as well as become Savvy Accountants, versatile in contemporary subjects. The losers will be nations, enterprises and professionals who fail to meet the challenges of globalization.

There has been a lacuna in form of Digital divide in the practice of accounting in an environment of information technology among the continents of the earth with the developing nations being left behind in the application of IT in accounting, finance, forensics and other emerging fields. The Digital divide accounts for one of the reasons why Professional Accountants in these nations are found wanting in the event of relocation from their various continents/countries to developed nations. ACCSA Global thus seek to be a home for all Chartered and Certified System Accountants to come together and unite based on the application of technology in the teaching and practice of accounting.